DOHM's History

In 1996 Andrew Stawowczyk Long (Andrzej Stawowczyk) was working at the National Library of Australia as Digital Preservation Strategist. Many organisations and individuals attempting to set up a digitisation project, desperate to find sources of information, were seeking advice from Andrew on practical approaches to the task. Alerted to the problems facing those with limited budgets, Andrew approached National Library's management with the proposal to create a training program that would help cultural institutions and organisations to enter the digital age.

Within several months the DOHM training material was ready and the pilot workshop was held at the National Library of Australia. It proved to be a great success and since than many subsequent workshops were run at the NLA and other places. Among others, Andrew presented DOHM at the University of NSW (Australia), University of Queensland (Australia), NSW Council of Libraries (Australia), National Library of Indonesia, International Conference on Manuscript Preservation (Indonesia) and many other institutions and events.

About Andrew


Andrew has an extensive background in both, professional photography and information technology. He started his career at the National Library of Australia as a Senior Photographer and later, after studying IT at the Canberra Institute of Technology, as a photographer and also an IT consultant to the local private enterprises. He was involved in many digitisation projects and his expertise proved very useful when the National Library decided to start their Digitisation Program. During this time, Andrew was responsible for a large part of the Program, designing the image capture standards, purchasing software and equipment, setting up image capture studios and procedures, and helping building the Digital Collections Manager.

From 2000 until 2007, Andrew was in charge of the NLA Imaging Services Branch. The branch was involved in digitisation of the Library’s collections and provided technical advice to other areas on digital reformatting techniques.

In 2007 Andrew moved to the Web Archiving and Digital Preservation Branch of the National Library and worked there as a Digital Preservation Standards Strategist. His main responsibilities were providing advice and guidance to the Library in the area of digital preservation. Other  tasks included contributing to recommendations on preservation requirements for the NLA's digital repository (in 2009, he performed a pilot audit of the repository); acting as lead researcher for the International Internet Preservation Consortium Preservation Working Group (, and creating and maintaining Digitisation Of Heritage Materials (DOHM) training workshop.

The DOHM training course was the NLA’s initiative to provide practical training in digital preservation to community organisations and libraries in Australia and Asia Pacific region. To date, Andrew delivered DOHM workshops and seminars to such organisations and audiences as the National Library of Indonesia, University of NSW, University of Queensland, Western Sydney Local Studies Librarians, Community Heritage Grants recipients, members of the Thai Rainbow Endangered Archive Project and many more.

Currently, after leaving the Library, Andrew works as a consultant, providing advice to government and private organisations in the area of digitisation and digital preservation and archiving.

  • Digital Preservation Government Assembly - Ark Group, Feb 2015– Presenter, Digital Preservation and Digitisation.
  • National Archives of Australia, 2013-15– Consultant, Digital Transfers.
  • National Archives of Australia, 2012-13– Assistant Director, Digital Preservation.
  • International Workshop on Preservation of National Heritage, 2011 National Library of Indonesia, Jakarta – Digitisation and Digital Preservation of Manuscripts seminar.
  • International Workshop on Preservation of National Heritage, 2011 National Library of Indonesia, Jakarta – Digitisation and Digital Preservation of Manuscripts seminar.
  • Public Sector Digital Preservation Forum, 2010 Sydney – presentation on long-term preservation of digital collections: theory and practice.
  • National Archives of Australia workshop, 2009– presentation on the NLA Digital Repository Pilot Audit.
  • National Library of Indonesia, 2009 Jakarta– seminar and workshop on Digitisation of Heritage Materials.
  • University of NSW, 2008 – Digitisation of Heritage Materials seminar.
  • Western Libraries of Sydney, 2008seminar on Digitisation and Digital Preservation.
  • University of Queensland, 2007 – lecture on Digitisation of Heritage Materials.


  • “Land of the lost”: a discussion of what can be preserved through digital preservation. Together with Nick del Pozo and David Pearson.  Library Hi Tech, Vol. 28 Iss: 2, 2010.
  • Long-Term Preservation of Web Archives – Experimenting with Emulation and Migration Methodologies; IIPC Project to Evaluate Emulation and Migration as Long-Term Preservation Solutions for Web Archives, 2009, at (
  • Building trust: pilot preservation audit of the National Library of Australia Digital Repository. Report, 2008.


  • CoCa – Color Camera Calibrator. Open source software for creation of digital camera and scanner ICC colour profiles.
  • SIPC –Scanner ICC Profile Creator
  • DRIFTT –software for conversion of RAW images into DNG and TIFF formats.
  • GPS Tag Viewer –software for viewing and editing geo-coordinate metadata in image files.
  • outPDF –software for batch conversion of image files into Acrobat PDFs.
  • EXIFecutor –software to display and edit EXIF metadata in image files.
  • PPPS – free software for Adobe Acrobat PDF file splitting.
Andrew Stawowczyk Long