RAW Image Format to DNG and TIFF Batch Converter

RAWcycler is a batch-converter for converting RAW camera image files into standard TIFF format and Adobe's open standard RAW format - DNG (Digital Negative). It allows tweaking the output by adjusting brightness, rotation, setting white balance, assigning colour spaces and more (in TIFF files). It also has an option to create MD5 checksums for future file verification .

RAWcycler TIFF conversion is based on dcraw - an open source RAW library by David Coffin ( http://cybercom.net/~dcoffin/dcraw). dcraw is well known for its excellent quality conversions. It is being used in many free and commercial applications. For simplicity not all dcraw features were made available in RAWcycler.

For conversion to DNG, Adobe's free DNG Converter is employed in its command-line capacity. Due to licensing isuues, the Converter needs to be downloaded separately from the Adobe website (www.adobe.com). Use "Setup" button to specify Adobe DNG Converter path on your computer.


RAWcycler screenshot

TIFF Conversion

  • Superior conversion results
  • Ability to batch convert files
  • Control of brightness
  • Ability to set camera or automatic White Balance
  • Ability to rotate images
  • Output as 24-bit or 48-bit RGB TIFF
  • Ability to assign various colour spaces
  • Custom Black Point adjustment
  • Highlights recovery function

DNG Conversion

  • Different size JPEG preview files (or none)
  • Compressed or uncompressed option
  • Embedding original RAW file in DNG option


dcraw is a RAW file conversion utility written in C. The current version supports over 200 different cameras. Learn more about dcraw from http://www.guillermoluijk.com/tutorial/dcraw/index_en.htm.

Using RAWcycler

  • 1. Use the Drive and Directory boxes to select location of the RAW files. The Filter box at the bottom may help if you need to filter out some file types.
  • 2. Clicking on a single file name will open the image in the Preview box. If you need a more detailed preview, clicking on the image will open a separate window with the option to see image at 100% (by clicking the left mouse button on the image and holding it down).
  • 3. Check the "Convert To TIFF" and "Convert To DNG" option boxes.
  • 4. Set the appropriate options for TIFF and NDG processing (CAUTION: This requires certaing amount of technical knowledge).
  • 5. Click "Process Selected (One)" button to process only one image (selected in the File box). This option is good way of testing how a particular batch of images would be converted.
  • 6. Click "Process All" if you want to process all files displayed in the File box.
  • 7. If you want MD5 checksums to be created, make sure that the "Create md5 Checksums" box is checked.
  • 8. "Show Processing Details " option gives better feedback about the processing stage.


You can download RAWcycler from http://www.dohm.com.au/rawcycler/downloads/rawcycler_setup.exe

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP and above (should work on Win 98 as well)

Minimum 24-bit, 1024x768 pixel screen resolution.